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Visitor Experience & Events Coordinator 

The Braemar Highland Games Visitors Centre operates under the auspices of the Braemar Royal Highland Charity (BRHC). The vision for the operation of the Centre includes continuing to promote and maintain the culture and heritage of the Braemar Royal Highland Charity, through the promotion and learning of traditional highland sport, music and development of visitor attractions both within and out-with the Centre. The key objective is to promote the Centre as a multi-purpose facility with a target audience of locals and visitors, individuals and groups, families and corporate organisations.

The Centre is looking to appoint Visitor Experience and Events Co-ordinator who will be responsible to deliver a rich and impactful customer journey to all our visitors. 

Responsibilities will include: 

  • Welcome visitors to the exhibition, enhance their experience and enjoyment of the facility  

  • Ensure venue cover for opening times, Group visits and Events booked, co-ordinating the presence of volunteers when required. Planned opening is: 5 days a week in April, May, September and October, 7 days a week in June, July and August with the support of an additional part-time member of staff, weekends only during the winter months. 

  • Coordinate and supervise cleaning staff to ensure toilets, exhibition space, offices and windows are always maintained at a high standard of cleanliness 

  • Deliver Group Visits and Events booked and planned by the Sales Co-ordinator  

  • Work with the Board members, the Sales Co-ordinator and the appointed Head of Visitor Experience, planning new events from start to finish  

  • Work with the appointed Caterer to deliver Group visits and Events which involve the Pavilion Café. 

  • Coordinate all operations and be on site to support each event, including supervise and support suppliers, caterers, entertainment providers  

  • Ensure each event is completed smoothly and resolve any problems that might occur 

  • Enhance the revenue of the Centre by delivering an outstanding experience to all visitors which will result in increased number of visitors and events 

  • In the absence of the Head of Visitor Experience, report weekly to the designed subcommittee within the board with a summary of relevant notable events, revenue achieved, analysis of any issues and proposals for the improvement of the operations. 

You should have some experience in event/project management and have strong organisational skills. You’ll have a knack for problem solving and will enjoy working with clients in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for their events. 

You’ll assist with day-to-day administration including co-ordinating cleaning, orders, waste, opening, maintenance and security, HSE delivery – recording, risk assessing and delivery of HSE Manual requirements and liaising with the many and varied stakeholders. 

You will be able to offer your creative input and will be given the opportunity to suggest new events, revenue streams, organisational improvements in accordance with the objectives of the charity and the venue. 

We value a flexible approach, the ability to multi-task, and a willingness to work co-operatively with people from a wide range of backgrounds. Whilst we’re not expecting specific knowledge, an interest in issues relating to the Culture and Heritage of Scottish Highland Gatherings would always be beneficial.


Given the nature of the role, flexibility will be necessary in terms of working hours but we are happy to explore what works for individual applicants while at all times ensuring the successful day-to-day running of the venue and delivery of our events. 

For an informal initial discussion to find out more, please call (or else please email to arrange a call):, 01339 749220 or 07876 327603 


Braemar Highland Games Visitors Centre, Broombank Terrace, Braemar AB35 5YX. 

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