The Braemar Highland Games Visitors Centre operates under the auspices of the Braemar Royal Highland Charity (BRHC). The vision for the operation of the Centre includes continuing to promote and maintain the culture and heritage of the Braemar Royal Highland Charity, through the promotion and learning of traditional highland sport, music and development of visitor attractions both within and out-with the Centre. The key objective is to promote the Centre as a multi-purpose facility with a target audience of families, tourists and corporate organisations.

In this role, reporting directly to the BHGVC Board, you will take overall responsibility for the successful day to day running of the Centre and will develop and deliver a successful visitor experience in all areas and aspects of the Centre’s activities.

This will include ensuring the profitable running of the Centre, working to defined KPI’s, whilst overseeing all revenue streams (catering, exhibition, retail and events), monitoring costs and promoting sales in order to achieve profitability in all areas.

You will work with and support appointed caterers to deliver the catering provision, and will ensure the smooth running of events, including ‘out of hours’ exclusive-use events. You will also develop the human resource (and/or contractors) necessary to deliver on the various revenue streams. This will include recruiting and over-seeing a bank of volunteers.

You will provide support for marketing and social media posting and replies as well as supporting the Sales function, including show rounds for agents, tour operators and prospective bookers, and participating in relevant trade fairs. You will also manage customer feedback and help to secure repeat business.

Day to day administration will include co-ordinating cleaning, orders, waste, opening, maintenance and security, HSE delivery – recording, risk assessing and delivery of HSE Manual requirements and liaising with the many and varied stakeholders.

To succeed in this role, you will have demonstrable experience of running and developing a successful and profitable visitor centre operation and be capable of strategic thinking, objectivity in decision making and delivering in support of the strategy. A proactive, creative and collaborative approach is valued and we are open to the development of any aspect of the Centre’s facilities that meet with our overall objectives and that can increase profitability.

We value a flexible approach, the ability to multi-task, and a willingness to work co-operatively with people from a wide range of backgrounds. Whilst we are not expecting specific knowledge, an interest in issues relating to the Culture and Heritage of Scottish Highland Gatherings would be beneficial.

Working hours and remuneration will be negotiable and can be flexible according to experience, but will certainly need to include weekends for the remainder of this year as we emerge from Covid restrictions. Some limited elements of home working may be possible.

Applications should be sent by email to Alan Mearns:

Braemar Highland Games Visitors Centre, Broombank Terrace, Braemar AB35 5YX.