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Tug of War - Sponsored by
International Medical Management Inc. Ltd.

SERVICES EVENTS: Convener Mr Alastair McIntosh (Trustee of BRHS) 


The Services Events at Braemar involve top military athletes competing in both Tug of War and Medley Relay competitions for the prestige of winning and receiving a magnificent silver trophy from Her Majesty the Queen.


Tug of War


Inter Services Tug of War has taken place at Braemar since 1955. The teams on show display a combination of strength, technique, discipline and showmanship but always great sportsmanship in a competition which involves and excites the crowd all day.


The teams of 8 pullers, plus their coaches, are made up of men from the Royal Artillery, Signal and Royal Logistic Corps and Infantry regiments as well as teams from the RAF and Royal Navy.


After an early morning weigh in, (maximum weight being 640kgs) the 12 invited teams

are drawn into two pools of 6. Competition starts at 10.15 approximately and is on a 'round robin' basis. The top two teams from each pool go through to the semifinals and ultimately the Final in front of the Queen and other members of the Royal party.


His Majesty may present the winning coach with the 'John Miller Challenge Shield’, whilst the winning team members and the runners up receive the much sought after Braemar Tankards.


2022 Winners


John Miller Challenge Shield: 13 Signal Regiment

John Grimes RA Targe (Runners-up): 19 Regiment Royal Artillery

Braemar Plate Trophy: Joint Force Command Naples


The Plate trophy is a quick-fire, knockout competition for the 8 teams who did not qualify for the semi-finals of the main competition.

Medley Relay


This event normally involves 10 military teams running in two heats of 5. Teams can consist of male, female or a mix of runners.


The track is lush grass with tight bends and measures 268 yards in circumference. The race is run in the following order: 1st runner – half a lap, 2nd and 3rd runners a full lap and last runner does a half lap.


Teams are made up of 4 with the winners of each heat plus the 3 fastest losers meeting in the final.


Once again the final takes place in front of the Royal party and the Queen will present the winning team captain with the Braemar Relay Shield. Team members and the runners up will receive Braemar Tankards.


The 2022 winners were 10 Signal Regiment, runners up being 5 Scots (Royal Guard).

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