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Track Events 
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LIGHT EVENTS – TRACK AND JUMPS: Convener – Joss McGregor - Director BRHC

Running and jumping competitions have been held in and around Braemar for hundreds of years since the days when King Malcolm Canmore and later the Clan Chiefs needed to find the fleetest of their clansmen to send orders and bring news.

Today in the modern era, the Light Events are a key part of the Gathering tradition. There are handicapped and scratch sprints and middle distance races, also long, high and triple jumps.

Prize money of £3,000 is on offer for the 10 Open competitions, and £950 for the 8 Youth Events. There are also trophies and medals to be awarded, and races for the local children, including the much enjoyed sack races which are also open to our visitors.

The Premier event in the Open Programme is the 80metres scratch British Championship. The record at 8.41seconds was set in 2010 by Nick Smith, arguably the finest ever Scottish sprinter. Nick was a member of Team GB Athens Olympic sprint squad in 2004.

The 1/2 mile record of 1minute 58.12seconds was set on the grass track in 1990 by Scottish International Tom Ritchie.

The 1 mile record of 4 minutes 46.07seconds was set in 2022 by Finlay Murray from Glasgow.

The Youth Events Championship programme for 10 to U16 year olds, was established in 2015 to encourage youth participation and develop future champions maintaining the strong light events tradition at the Gathering. There are trophies for both male or female champions

For more information see links to Track Events programme and pre-entry Forms. Contact -

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