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The Braemar Gathering was first held in something like its present form in 1832, and has been visited regularly by a reigning monarch since that time. The late Queen was our distinguished patron. 


The Gathering is loved and admired all over the world. It is the best known of all Highland Games and the flagship of the charitable activities of the Braemer Royal Highland Charity.   

It is through the annual staging of the Gathering that we fulfil our charitable mission to keep alive our Highland Games heritage, to provide opportunities for sport and recreation to all comers and to promote the heritage and culture of Scotland, its language and its traditions. We thank our sponsors, some of whom have sponsored the Gathering over many years, for their valuable support which enables this iconic event to go ahead.


While the Gathering is organised by a large number of volunteers, without the support of sponsors and others, it would just not be possible to meet the costs of maintaining and investing in our beautiful park and its facilities, or those of staging such a large public event.  

We rely on this support and encourage new sponsorships for the forthcoming 2022 Gathering. 

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If you would like to discuss opportunities for sponsoring the Braemar Gathering, please get in touch with Sheena Fraser (Gathering Secretary and BRHC Director) at 


Year- round charitable activities 

In recent years we have been fortunate to be able to build on our charitable activities, by establishing a permanent Highland Games showcase at the home of the Braemar Gathering. The Duke of Rothesay Highland Games Visitor Centre opened in March 2019, with the support of The Prince’s Foundation and generous donations from individuals and companies. We would like to thank everyone who supported this project.  


We are delighted to have this exciting opportunity to develop a world class visitor experience, and to bring together artefacts, archives and stories from Highland Games around the globe. The digitisation of our substantial archive is already underway and we have ambitious plans to develop a number of interactive displays and experiences which will excite and thrill our visitors. But we can only do this with further financial support.  

We need your help to make our Highland Games Visitor Centre a truly world class experience which will attract Scotland’s many visitors, international visitors to the Gathering, schoolchildren and many others, for years to come.  

If you value our heritage and our role in educating as many people as possible, so we can preserve this heritage for the benefit of our communities, the general public and for future generations in Scotland and worldwide, then please consider making a regular gift or a donation today.  

Your support will make a difference. 

If you are thinking of making a larger gift, and wish to discuss how your gift can make a difference to our work, please contact Sheena Fraser (Gathering Secretary and BRHC Director) at 


We look forward to seeing you at the 2022 Braemar Gathering on 3 September 2022. 


For more information about the Highland Games Visitor Centre which will re-open fully in early 2022, please visit 

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