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Hill Race

HILL RACE: Convener Mr Peter Lawrence - BRHS Committee Member

The Gathering Hill Race is a very popular and hotly contested event. Competitors come from all over the UK with, traditionally a strong showing from the Lake District running clubs as well as visitors from Europe and further afield. Our armed forces are always well represented. We are proud to have welcomed many National Team runners over the years and will continue to do so.


Hill Running is a traditional event at Highland Games where it was used by the Clan Chiefs to select their fastest messengers.


The Hill Race here at the Gathering was not on the programme for a number of years and it is thanks to the late Mike Grant that it has developed into the great spectacle it is today. Mike was the youngest ever Committee member of the Society and an accomplished hill runner. Such was his prowess he represented Scotland at international events. I am sure he would be proud to see today’s field taking to the hill.


The Race is over a distance of approximately 3 miles and climbs 1200ft to the five cairns just visible on the horizon. When the runners come back into the arena they will complete a lap of the park finishing opposite the Royal Pavilion. The runners really do appreciate the crowd getting behind them cheering them on to the finish line.

Weather permitting the steward at the top of the hill will set off a smoke flare when the first male and female reach the top.

Results, download pdf:

Entries now closed for 2023




1. £250      2. £175      3. £120      4. £80        5. £50        




1. £250      2. £175      3. £120      4. £80        5. £50       




1. £40         2. £30        3. £25        4. £20




1. £40         2. £30        3. £25        4. £20




1. £40        2. £30        3. £25        4. £20



There is a further prize of £50 for beating the record in the Open or Ladies Open. 


The record time is currently held by;

Mr M Hawkins, Grassington completed in 24 min 28 sec. (1984)

The Ladies record is held by;

Claire Miller now Whitehead in a time of 29 min 37 sec. (2015)

On the day (and provided you have submitted an entry online prior to the day) registration for the event will take place between 11.45 and 12.30. The registration tent is located at the back of the arena opposite end to the Jubilee Arch. Please DO NOT walk across the arena to get there, you can walk round the left hand side of the arena behind the seating.

The race starts at 1.20 pm (all categories) with one lap of the arena, then out the competitor’s gate and following the path out of the Park at Gate 6.  Competitors must follow this route out of and into the Park on return for reasons of crowd control and their safety.  Otherwise, take your own route up and down.  As a guide the path is 1.5 miles, the climb approximately 1200 ft.


On exiting the Park make your way to the five cairns where you are given a marker, then return to the Park.  Runners have taken many different routes up and down in the past.  The route is not sign posted, but we are in communication with the top and with the Mountain Rescue Service who are also on the hill in case of emergency.  This race ends with one lap of the track.


There is a maximum time for re-entry to the arena of 45 minutes.  Competitors will be prevented from entering the arena after this time as other events will be going on. 


The Open entry section is available to all competitors overseas or UK based, who wish to take part but who don't qualify as a Local competitor.  There is a limit of 120 runners in the race and a minimum age of 16 applies.


Entry to the Local Section is decided by the following criteria;


Local competitors (the proof whereof shall lie with them) are those who have not gained a first prize in open events at Braemar, for the same competition, in previous years, and who comply with one of the following conditions: (1) The are ordinary members of the Society of any age, or the sons or daughters of ordinary members, (2) they have had, for at least one year at the date of the Gathering, their principal or permananet residence within the following postal areas, namely AB34 4; AB35 5; AB36; PH10 7QD; PH10 7QB; PH10 7QE. (3) They were born to parents permanently resident in Braemar at the time of birth.

A map of the Morrone hill race is shown below:

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