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Braemar Highland Games Centre features a fascinating display of objects, photographs, documents and costumes exploring the history of the Highland games, focusing on the unique story of the Braemar Gathering and the organisation behind it, Braemar Royal Highland Society..


Displays are laid out across three rooms.


J.S. Milne Gallery


Want to know how a caber is tossed, or what the piobaireachd is? This part of the exhibition is where you’ll find the answers to all your Highland games-based questions! The stunning beamed gallery space, walled with French windows with a view of the games park, features display boards throughout the room.


On the walls you’ll see photographs of Gatherings past and the athletes that participated in them, while four trophy cabinets display Highland games trophies and tankards from across the years.


Kaufmann Exhibition Hall


The exhibition hall is the heart of the Braemar Highland Games Centre, with its spectacular decorated ceiling and octagonal shape enchanting visitors.


If you can tear your eyes away from the ceiling, in this room you can discover the absorbing story of the Braemar Royal Highland Society and the celebrated Braemar Gathering. Told through objects, costumes, photographs and documents from the BRHS archive, the collection of The Scottish Tartans Authority and other private sources, this is the story of how a village society created an annual event that has become one of the most famous Highland games in the world.


Explore the origins of the Society in 1815, discover how the Gathering’s link with the Royal Family began with Queen Victoria, and marvel at authentic local Highlanders in their full tartan splendour. With over 200 years of history crammed in, there’s sure to be something to capture your imagination!


Baxter Room


This room features key aspects of Braemar Royal Highland Society activity, including the impressive banner displayed in the games park every Gathering day and an honour board listing Society presidents and other office-bearers dating back to the very first president, William Farquharson of Monaltrie.


Two display cases present a regularly updated selection of historical documents from the BRHS archive. Around the room, you’ll also see photographs of winning athletes, dancers and pipers at the most recent Braemar Gathering, bringing the Gathering’s history into the present day.


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