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Highland Dancing competition – Convener: Euan Fraser, BRHS Committee Member


Highland Dancing is one of the oldest forms of dance. It is a style of competitive solo dancing developed over the centuries in the Scottish Highlands, the music accompaniment is the Highland Bagpipe. For many years this was a male dominated sport but with the introduction of the Aboyne dress female contestants were encouraged to join in. The sport is now dominated by female competitors.


The Highland Dancing at Braemar Gathering is an integral part of the day, with over 100 dancers from the UK and from across the globe travelling to compete for the prestigious ‘Silver Medal’. The dancing competition takes place in full view of the crowd with the dancing board prominent in the middle of the arena, the dancers can be seen by their colourful tartan outfits. The dancing starts just after 10am and continues until around 5pm.

The competition includes a fine display of highland dances from the Highland Fling to the Sailors Hornpipe and several more intricate traditional dances. Our competitors range from small children right through to adults competing in their various age groups for a range of trophies and medals. 

If you would like more information regarding competing at Braemar Gathering please contact the Gathering Secretary at -

Entries now closed for 2023
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